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You leap, climb, and fall from one platform to another, collecting shiny cubes to move on to the next area. The center crystal glimmers in the sunlight, as you peer through it to see what is next. Some of the cubes chirp to you, begging for you to pick them up, celebrating with one last chirp as you do.

Turrets fire at you, platforms move and spin. You jump but fall inches short. This could be fun, or hard, or both.

This is a new take on a very old game genre, the platformer. If you liked Miro but thought it could use some roundness, then give this a try! This game includes iconic platformer actions, like jump, falling, platforms, and walking!

Music provided by Kevin MacLeod

Past the Edge on level 1, Private Reflection on level 2 Shores of Avalon on level 3, Heart of Nowhere on level 4 Sunset at Glengorm on level 5, Anguish on level 6, Mourning Song on level 7, Immersed on levels 8 and16, Despair and Triumph on level 9, Oppressive Gloom on levels 10 and 15, Sunset at Glengorm on level 11, Ossuary 5 - Rest on level 12, Virtutes Vocis on level 13, Heart of Nowhere on level 14, Anguish on level 17, Intrepid on level 18, Thunderbird on Main Menu and level 19, and Final Battle of the Dark Wizards on level 20

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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